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Walls Of Memory…

You know, I’m a shamed to say that I didn’t realize just how many areas in NYC that participate in remembering 9/11. I guys it is only natural to assume the central place would be The World Trade Center. For the first time, I’ve seen people post a couple of sticky “Post-It” notes on the wall. Didn’t think much of it then, but the second time I came around the wall was being filled up with literally thousands of “Post-It” notes with people’s prayers and wishes in the 14th street train station. It as a pretty powerful scene to watch. But you know what? I respectfully ask, that those who are celebrating the memories of their loved ones, let’s also use this opportunity to reflect back at what the hell happened with this years presidential election, and that you exercise your power as an American citizen, that President Trump (Damn, I feel f**ked up just having to call him that) make sure that this kind of catastrophe doesn’t happen again. Although I know that we have the power to vote him out, America is too backwards and upside down when it comes to politics for this to happen. We’ll just have to deal with it in the best way we can, and don’t allow your beliefs of “what won’t happen, make things happen.”