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Sepia Biotec Industries

Hi guys! As I learn more about design concepts, marketing, and practice more on Adobe products, I decided to share my results on my photography blog. After all, these are also an extension of art too, interpreted from the imagery in our minds. I’m not sure if I’ll keep including them on my main blog feed, as I am concerned that it may indirectly lead the focus from photography to somewhere else. For now, I’ll share it here and and later on I’ll create separate categories for my various projects. Or perhaps create an adobe platform to put them in. It doesn’t make sense to keep my images locked away and no one can see them. Art should be show to inspire and allow others to gain new ideas from other artists.

This particular artwork I want to share is for a fictitious company I made up called Sepia Biotec Industries. It is a simple ad making people aware of who they are and what they do. I’ve created this using Adobe Fuse, and Photoshop. The design is sooo simplistic, yet it says a lot.