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Quotes From The Soho Arthouse In NYC

I’d like to thank Art Of Intuitive Photography for making all of this possible. Just in case, if you’d like to see our photographs live at the gallery, they will continue to be on display until May 18th. Please go on Art Of Intuitive Photography to get address information.  I’d like to share some quotes that we’ve written. The question was “What does Intuitive Photography Mean To You?” I feel we all gave such interesting and inspiring answers, and I would like to share some of them with my visitors:

“Intuitive photography is capturing a moment. It’s a slice of time that causes the mind to craft a story or invoke an emotion to make it relate-able, even if the reality isn’t known.” -CK Lowry.
“Intuitive photography is an observation point of my own photographic process, making me pay attention to what I am doing.” -Pico Garcez.
“What does intuitive photography mean to me? It’s about quieting the mind; it’s about abandoning all technical rules and camera jargon for just a moment, long enough to see the story in your subject.” -Anthony Heywood
“Intuitive photography is entering a moment, having your heart captured, your imagination ignited, and your soul stirred – inviting the viewer to enter that singular moment.” -Connie Vasquez.
“Intuitive photography means seeing the world through different angles and unconventional perspectives. It means giving less obvious interpretations to the everyday images in our lives. Taking the common and making them uncommon. Taking the ordinary and making them extraordinary.-Walter Schuppe.
“Intuitive photography is the instantaneous knowing of what speaks to me externally, merging with my internal sensibilities. The ultimate culmination occurs when the shutter is pressed.” -Sepia Prince.