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Metropolitan Museum of Art | December 29, 2013

This was technically my first shoot as a photographer (since I proclaimed my hobby in the beginning of this year). I went to the Metropolitan Museum shortly after my photography class. The instructor was very strict in terms of only using natural light. However, looking back in retrospect, my opinion is that the museum was a terrible place to shoot without a flash. Many areas were very dark, and it appeared almost impossible. Then again, to be fair, I did not see everything in the museum (it is huge). However, not using a flash really taught me discipline, the mechanics of the how, the when, and the what for. I didn’t realize that A, S, & ISO can literally mean hundreds of combinations within any given moment. Mind you, the A, S, & ISO values also change when you’re using flash, filters, or even the type of light in a room. It takes work to learn how to use manual. There are lots to think about (if you want a great picture with the best exposure). There is no “easy way” to do it. But being in manual mode was truly the best way to help me know my camera, and to quickly make decisions about my camera settings on the fly. The museum was also very strict about not having visitors touch any of the exhibited items. I really wish I had a zoom lens then. My only real gripe was that, as a photographer, I really wasn’t feeling their wall paint. it wasn’t vibrant at all. I hated it. Since I did not see everything in the exhibit, I will give it a second chance one day.
It has been forever since the last time I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art . I thought this was a wonderful shot just after the main entrance.

This was absolutely gorgeous. I also love how the paint color blends so well with the art.

I love this shot. I am definitely turning this in to sepia later.

I think this must have been a room for royalty. I love the natural lighting I captured with this shot.

I kinda wish that this art was brought back. Very few types of art captures this kind of beauty.

Again, the beauty of natural lighting. It's nice to see untouched photos every once in a while. The give you the sense of actually being there.

I couldn't resist this long table. It reminded me of those old woody woodpecker cartoons.

Strange, I'm normally not in to colors that are this dark, however, I think this shot clearly is telling a story of his live.

This is a beautiful set up. It must have taken hours to synchronize their positions like that.

I was desperately trying to find out if the horses were stuffed or waxed. Unfortunately, We couldn't touch anything either. Oh well...


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