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Inti And The Moon

After I left Madame Tussauds, I decided to go directly home. As I was walking towards the train terminal I started to hear some nice music. I could not really figure out the genre of the music. I’ve noticed that nowadays a lot of musicians are mixing up their styles of music; I can’t tell what anything is anymore. I guess technically it would be indie music I guess. The music came from a two subway musicians that are in a band called “Inti and The Moon.” It is interesting because although their literature states that their music is a mixture of Latin-south American rhythms, as well as jazz and middle eastern; however, when I heard it, it sounded more like a mixture of Mexican guitar and hints of Incan melodies in the background. Their style of music is quite nice, I liked it the moment I heard it. I liked it so much I purchased their CD. The CD is called “Strange Constellation.” It’s a very mellow and relaxing type of music (just about all is instrumental). I tried going to their website printed on the CD, but it doesn’t appear to be working right now. However, I did manage to find a couple of their youtube videos. Many of them appear to be rehearsal videos. I discovered they have remade one of my favorite old Spanish melodies/songs the CD; the song is called Moliendo Cafe. Here is another video of them performing live here, these guys are very talented. I really liked how they performed this music. If you are culturally diverse as I am, it is worth giving these guys your support. Although their website doesn’t appear to be functional, here is additional contact information that is printed on the CD:

Phone: 646-427-0894