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Do You Still Use Your 35MM Camera?


Do you still use your old 35mm camera? Do you have an Android smart phone? I downloaded a very cute and inexpensive app a couple of weeks ago; although I realize I don’t need it, I still think it’s a nifty thing to have. It’s called “Light Meter Tools”, and you can find it on the Android market. The main features of this app are measuring the estimated ISO, Aperture, Shutter & EV. You can measure using your cell phone’s built-in camera sensor, or you can measure the light illuminating from the surrounding area using the “camera feature” of the app.  This would have been essential back in the day, because it can really take some of the guess work out of figuring out the correct exposure (on 35mm cameras). You can measure with zoom (if your phone supports zoom), and it even has the ability to recalculate if you’re using a natural density filter. I think this is a great app for newbies to experiment with, and learn how to take better pictures with your old film camera. It has a few other bells and whistles. Here is a link to the product on Google’s Android market. Please note, it is not necessary to use this app along with a DSLR camera; I recommend this strictly for old meterless 35mm cameras.; you may be better off spending that money to get a real professional light meter if you wanna go that route.

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