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Since (technically), this is not only my personal blog, but my photographic journeys throughout NYC, I felt that it would be very appropriate to share this piece of myself. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight, I’ve never been the type of person to share a bunch of “before and after photos.” Not that I was embarrassed or anything, it’s just that sometimes that can get so obsessive it can distract you, or even worse, obsess over how little I’ve lost, or how much I’ve gained. Anybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that that will literally drive you nuts.

So, I needed to renew my passport and I needed to get new photos. I didn’t realize it until I compared my old passport with my new photos how much weight I lost. My jaw dropped. It was a great feeling though, because I never obsessed in the mirror over my weight, it became a big surprised when I saw it in a photo. It has taken me a loooooooooooooong time. But the important thing is I did it MY WAY. I didn’t need surgery. And you know something else? I eat bread! LOLOLOL. Sometimes it is necessary to tell people to mind their F** business so that you can clearly think for yourself. Literally thousands of people will descend upon you (unasked) to give you nine billion personal advice to things they don’t know anything about, or have first hand experience. Sometimes that includes “professionals who are not abreast with new findings/understandings of various conditions, and or health. Other peoples beliefs and assumptions will kill you.

I lost a total of  50+ pounds. My highest was 276, and I’ve reduced myself to 220 ponds. But when I was temporarily unemployed, I gained back 8 🙁  😡 America is so oblivious to stress that we almost never equate that with our health, unless a doctor mentions it.  Let’s not forget the stress that other people causes, especially when they don’t mind their own business! It is so important that you invest in medical magazines, and frequent credible medical websites such as MAYO clinic. Continue to research, on top of your research, don’t just accept the first thing that someone tells you, because health is not a game. Because when your laying in the hospital because a huge complication as a result of what someone told you, the only thing he or she can say is, “but I thought?!?!?” People can see with their own two eyeballs over and over and still don’t get it.

I was going to do this photo in sepia, but I changed my mind. See the RAW Me. So I’m sharing this so that people who are trying don’t give up! Continue learning, and continue QUESTIONING YOUR OWN DOCTOR, not your cousin Bruno who lives up the street. Find YOUR OWN TRUTH. Peace….


Mr. Green T. Leaf | Work Still In Progress…….

Found some more images to practice with Photoshop. You know, as I’ve said before, there are plenty of sites that offer free stock photos, and photos under Creative Commons (CC) license, that allow you to use and modify royalty free. Just please make sure you read the license for each and every photo first before you use it. Not everyone gives you the license to modify! Unfortunately, I can’t give credit to the photographer, because he/she did not leave that information in their meta tags. Do you see why it’s so important to document that information? This is why I feel every photographer should put their signatures on their photos (who cares who what others personal opinions are on how it looks, it’s your work, your blood and sweat (at least take the time to put them in the meta tags, you’ll never know who will want to use your work for commercial use)). Anyway, it’s been a real learning curb with Adobe, but I’m learning more and more. I still have more work to do on this photo, but I felt it was good enough to show you.