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New York City Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens | NYC April 18, 2015

Today I went to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with my photography friends. It was an incredibly beautiful and hot sunny day today; I enjoyed it very much. It was the first time I ever been to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and it was much bigger than I ever imagined. I saw many different types of flowers, plants and even a rock collection. Many sections of the garden had wonderful natural fragrances coming from the plants. We couldn’t exactly pinpoint which flower it was, but to me it smelled a lot like Lilac (very nice smell in my opinion). Although there was many plant like to capture, I’ve noticed that it seemed as though they had an abundance of a yellow flower (unfortunately, I don’t remember the name, but I’ll post it later). Maybe it’s because it’s just getting warm. Hopefully we’ll see an even greater variety. I went inside two beautiful “green houses,” but I did not stay in the first one for long, because their was a smell that was extremely pungent. It was quite hard to breath, I don’t know if it was allergies, or I couldn’t handle a room crowded with green plants. These were the kind of plants you’d see in one of those 40-50’s  jungle movies. The other “green house” I went to was nice, but the leaves were too small to take closeups. Enjoy!