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Park Walks

Central Park, April 30, 2016

Today, I’ve visited Central Park with some friends. This was the first day since last year I’ve been on a photo walk. Always lots of things happening there; always some form of entertainment; always something different going on. Then again, I often forget just how huge Central Park is. I always have to go with someone ’cause I could never make “heads or tails” of where I’m at. LOLOL. Well, the bottom line is, I had fun, and I released stress by doing what I enjoyed. Thankfully, the weather was MUCH better than I expected. Hope you enjoy these sots…






Central Park | 72 Street NY | October 25, 2014

Hi guys! Today I went to Central Park with some friends and had a good time as usual. Haven’t gone out to take pictures in a while, felt good with my camera back in my hands, and positive company. It seemed as though every photographer was in Central park today; I guess they are trying to get as many shotsĀ  as they can before the winter season sets in. It was very cold this morning, but I was glad I didn’t wear extra clothing, ’cause it got really warm. We thought that the leaves would be more colorful, but unfortunately much of the area was still green. Hopefully we will see some more color next couple of weeks (hopefully it will not be cold then). Lots of people jogging and playing with their animals. I saw some really adorable dogs today. It appears that a lot of people either love to propose, or get their wedding photos done in Central Park too. Although the water was kind of dull and green, at the same time it was quite spectacular in some areas. I actually got some shots of people rowing their boats, it was cool to see up close. There is so much culture in NYC it’s ridiculous. We stopped by a street fair around 82 street, that appeared to have been put together by a local elementary school. Didn’t take any pictures of that though, I was pretty tired by that time unfortunately. Enjoy!


Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Central Park 72nd Street NY

Bryant Park In NYC | July 26, 2014

Today I went with some new friends to take pictures in Bryant Park. I haven’t been there since forever. It was nice going there again, it is a really nice and peaceful park with lots of plants, near by restaurants, and people just chillin enjoying the day. I did not get as many macro close-ups as I wanted, because bees were flying very close to me and I truly did not want to get stung. Those bee stings hurt like a (*&)*&^. I guess this is one good excuse to save and purchase the professional micro lens LOL. There was also a street fair just a block a away. The fair was huge and went on for blocks and blocks. I did not walk through the entire event. After awhile the merchandise sold got pretty redundant the further I walked. I saw no point in really venturing out past 5 blocks. I managed to get some really beautiful pictures, despite the fact the sun barely showed it’s face šŸ™ . A good photographer would never let any clouds ruin their day (unless there is a thunderstorm obviously, then again, not even then for some of us LOL). I saw people in the park that were teaching the kids how to juggle balls and bowling pins. There was also another kind of sport, I’m not sure what it is called, but they were throwing ball on the ground? It was almost as though they were using these giant balls as marbles. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell it’s called. I didn’t think it was important enough to ask quite honestly. But it was interesting to watch. Positivity was definitely in the air today, and my photographic subjects reciprocated (so appreciated that). After our park shoots, we got back together and found a nice restaurant and had a good time getting to know each other.Ā  Enjoy the photos and thank you for your support……



















Grant’s Tomb | Riverside Park | June 22, 2014

IĀ  visited Grant’s Tomb last weekend with some new friends I met @ one of my photography groups. I really encourage all new photographers to seek support from other photographers (positive minded photographers that is). If you ever encounter a “Mr. Know-it-all” who is self absorbed in their own interpretation of how a photo should look; then you know they are not a positive energy to be around, nor do they encourage creativity. Come to think of it, I’ve encountered a couple of photographers who wouldn’t share tips either. Unfortunately, they won’t encourage much creativity either. Just stay away from miserable people like that. Anybody who relies on technology to that extent, is not confident in their own inner ability as a photographer. Just my humble opinion. Photography is about paying it forward. There is enough photo opportunities for everyone!Ā  Its about what your photographer’s eye sees, not about what your critic sees, or what specific equipment or software your using, or the specific technique, or whether or not your photo complies with the “rule of thirds.” Photography has always been about the creative, not solely on the specific tools. Stick with people who support you, and are willing to let you be you, as a photographer! There’s more things in life to worry about.

We met in front of Riverside Church. While we waited for the rest of the group members to meet us, I went inside Riverside Church. I had absolutely no intention of really going in side, but I did anyway. Only to kill time, and because architecturally speaking, most Catholic/Protestant churches are a photographer’s dream (whether you’re an atheist or not). I’ve never been to Grant’s tomb before, it was an interesting visit. I am so sorry I decided not to bring my prime lens. I couldn’t take a lot of the shots I wanted, because I was not prepared. Oh well, shit happens right? Despite not being prepared for that particular shoot, it did not stop me from having a wonderful time with everyone. For the most part, we had nice weather, and after we finished with Grant’s tomb, we pretty much walked down RiversideĀ Park for the remainder of the photo walk. I didn’t realize there was so much too see in RiversideĀ Park; it was almost as though it had many worlds within a world. I was very fascinated by the various activities, cultures, ages, races, and even some species.

We even walked by a wedding in progress. I don’t care what kind of photographer you are, no one can pass up an opportunity to take a wedding photo LOL! It’s funny, normally I’m an extremely shy person, but when I get a camera in my hands, it just changes me! I guess many people who are in to photography is that same way, that’s why we like it. šŸ™‚ If you ever needed a place to shoot photographs, I’d say RiversideĀ Park would be it for sure (Central Park definitely for sure too). I didn’t even know RiversideĀ Park had a basketball court! Wow! that was news to me! You know, it’s a shame that some people break their necks to travel outside the city, but there exist so much life and culture here in our own back yard! I know NYC can be nerve racking to live in, but, I don’t think there is any other place in the world, were you’d find more people from different cultures than NYC. I’ll have more pics to post later on. Enjoy.