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Bubble Jet Ink……

Hi guys, I just need to vent some frustration right now. With anything in life, I always try to get extras because if there’s ever a day I’m dead broke, I’ll always have a spare. This is especially true with printing supplies; making copies, resumes, portfolios, etc, etc. Today, I experienced something that really aggravated me. What was it? After printing literally hundreds and hundreds of papers with one single ink cartridge, it was finally time to change for a new one. I installed the new cartridge, and then proceeded to print out 2 photos. on the 3rd photo I noticed huge discolored streaks. Naturally I figured I just needed to clean the print-heads. After about a good 15-20 minutes of thoroughly cleaning the print, I discovered that not only did I still get the same streaks, they appeared to be worse.

What was the Problem? I check the ink levels and discovered that the brand new cartridge I’ve installed is almost out of ink! After only 2 photo prints, I’m out of ink! Can you believe that? I was livid, these bubble jet ink cartridges are not cheap! No way can I go through hundreds of printing on my old, and only get two from the new. I think this was the first time this happened to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love HP I’m just saying….. 🙁

However, one thing I couldn’t help to notice (and I believe was my problem), the first new color cartridge I had replaced was from Malaysia. Now, please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying; It’s not that I have a problem purchasing things from other countries online; BUT, I purchase this in the United States. Why do I have an issue with this? Well, when it comes to things like ink cartridges; not every country will have the same kind of quality standards; in fact, some companies may not even be regulated in certain countries. How do I know this cartridge wasn’t old, and just repackaged as new? How do I know this cartridge wasn’t lost in customs, stored in a place that actually caused the ink to dehydrate faster? We can’t even be certain that the same ink formulas were used. Unfortunately, I purchased it too long ago to exchange it.

So, my tip to everyone, when it comes to bubble jet ink, maybe it is a good idea to train ourselves to automatically look for where the ink comes from before we buy it. In this economy, none of us have this kind of money to throw away.. GEEEEZZZZZ!