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Example Of Copyright Infringement

I was furious when I saw this. I was browsing tweets when I discover this dude, who is selling T-shirts of copyrighted images. This guy, or guys are despicable! The only reason why this dude probably has not gotten caught, is because (1) the copyright holder is dead, or joint copyright owner (which is usually the movie studio) is focusing on making money on newer projects. These knuckleheads tried to make like they’ve drawn these portraits, but it is immediately obvious they used a cheap filter, and tried to convert the photo in to a drawing, but you can tell it is NOT hand drawn.

You have to know something very serious, they did not just violate the photographer’s copyright, they also violated the celebrities “right to publicity.” This idiot could be looking at two lawsuits for each image he stole. Thirdly, not only that, although photographers can sell their work, but we can ONLY sell ONE ORIGINAL COPY (without the need for a model release). For instance, you developed a photo, purchased the frame, brackets, etc, then hanged it in an art gallery. That is considered ONE original. Once you start selling multiples, it is now commercial use. The only exception is an actual “art book,” but even then, If they are not YOUR photos, or they don’t look like art, or something transformative, don’t do it. It’s very complicated when it comes to celebrities, and their likeness. Just don’t do it. I hate digital thieves, I HATE DIGITAL THIEVES!! DO YOUR OWN SHIT!! YOU’RE ALREADY IN PHOTOSHOP WHAT’S THE PROBLEM YO!! Better yet, READ about copyright, and stop assuming. Damn, I don’t know how is it that people assume so much? WTF is wrong with people? You can’t even sign up for anything anymore without giving your cell number! I hate using these word, but SOME people are f**king stupid, lazy, AND brazen. This is beyond laziness yo! The bad part is, their “final product,” on just about all of them looks so bad that, I don’t understand how anyone would even buy these T-shirts?? Do you realize you can buy “iron transfers” and do it yourself FOR yourself? And because you’re doing it yourself, you’re in the safer realm of “fair-use.” Why, because it would be considered fan art most likely. Fan communities are very well accepted (or I should say tolerated is a better word I think) by the entertainment industry, but once you start blatantly stealing, it’s over… These are the same kind of people that want to teach YOU. Well, the bottom line is the studio has to go after him, but if they do.. I feel sorry… This is exactly why lesser known photographers go ape-shit.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you guys!! Remember I said it. More and more tools are becoming available for copyright holders. Technology is making it easier to find you. And by the time you accepted that you fucked up, it’s too late.